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We’re committed to making your hiking experience with us safe, fun and you’ll meet friendly people – possibly make new friends for life.

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Hiking is not walking or strolling. We maintain a steady pace and elevated heart rate, which is what contributes to physical and mental health. Socialization is an important part of hiking and health.

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If a ritualistic steps tracker you’ve probably checked to see how many miles hitting a 10,000 daily steps goal will...




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We’re committed to making your hiking experience with us safe, fun and you’ll meet friendly people – possibly make new friends for life. If new or considering moving here you’ll get to know the different areas and 7 distinct microclimates. Our goal in the Advanced hikes is to get the heart rate elevated into the intense zone for the hike duration, though we stop occasionally to rest, regroup and ensure everyone is OK.
We have minimal rules – be respectful and considerate of others including non-hikers. Be safe and follow the leader’s directions. Let the leader know of health issues and be responsible for your medications. Do not litter or deface anything.

no charge for hiking

Hikers are encouraged to wear hiking boots, bring hiking sticks and water. We’ve been formally hiking since 2014 and now average 232 hikers per month (2022) (56 per month in 2014). There’s no charge for hiking except certain trails that charge for trail maintenance.

Who Can Hike?

We have hikers from children to 80+ and welcome all who want to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of Boquete while staying fit and healthy. We have hikers from the US, Canada, France, South Africa, Germany, Panama and many other countries. We mostly speak English but are semi-fluent in Spanish. We have hikers of all ‘races’ and occupations – there’s no prejudice here.



Basic Package

Advanced Package

We have a repertoire of over 120 hikes on paved and gravel roads, rainforest trails or combinations of them. Hikes are posted on Chiriqui.life + I send emails 2 days prior.

Ratings are for the average mountain hiker – beginners and non-mountain hikers usually find them more difficult, experienced and younger hikers less so. Monday hikes are selected to be ‘easy’ for beginners and those recovering from illness or injury. Wednesday and Friday hikes are sometimes more difficult and challenging. Children are welcome, dogs discouraged due to dogs and other animals encountered during hikes.

Benefits to

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You’ll discover abilities you never dreamed you possessed and accomplish feats you never dreamed you could do. You’ll see a culture far superior in many ways to what you’ve come from.

Physical health

Hiking benefits you whether a beginner or experienced hiker, in excellent health or with physical challenges, for serenity and peace.

Mental health

Hiking clears the mind and sharpens thinking. It calms and de-stresses from the hectic life of earning a living.

Social health

Hiking encourages friendship and sharing. Socialization is critical to mental and physical health – in hiking everyone is equal.

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