There are many benefits to hiking with Take-A-Hike Boquete. Here are a few.

Physical health

Hiking benefits you whether a beginner or experienced hiker, in excellent health or with physical challenges, for serenity and peace. It clears the mind, calms and returns you to nature and helps you appreciate the wondrous gifts of nature. Some of our hikers have been able to completely recover from diabetes and high blood pressure. Hiking strengthens the heart, cleans and expands the lungs and supports cardiovascular health.

Social health

Hiking encourages friendship and sharing. Socialization is critical to mental and physical health – in hiking everyone is equal.

Mental health

Hiking clears the mind and sharpens thinking. It calms and de-stresses from the hectic life of earning a living.


There will be experiences and encounters – some challenging – you’ll remember for life. You’ll discover abilities you never dreamed you possessed and accomplish feats you never dreamed you could do. You’ll see people and life that will educate and make you more aware of the common humanity of all people. You’ll see a culture far superior in many ways to what you’ve come from.


Being in a group has many advantages

  • Protected from attack by dogs or people
  • Able to communicate with authorities in Spanish
  • Experienced First Aid instructor
  • Carpooling when necessary
  • Knowledge of local laws and customs
  • Knowledge of areas and hiking routes/trails

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