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it’s never too late to start Hiking

Take-A-Hike Boquete has been officially hiking since January 2014. However I’ve been hiking here since June 2009 when they were led by Jerry McCormack. I started hiking at age 67 after relocating to Panama from the US. This is to let you know it’s never too late to start hiking.

Hiking is not walking or strolling. We maintain a steady pace and elevated heart rate, which is what contributes to physical and mental health. Socialization is an important part of hiking and health.
Currently we have over 80 Advanced hikes and over 30 Basic hikes and are constantly adding new ones or modifying existing hikes.

constant turnover of hikers

We’ve had a fairly constant turnover of hikers. Some visit Panama for a short time, some live here but travel a lot (Panama is a central staging point for travel to South America and beyond), some move away after a time and some die here. Currently there are 120 on the email list for a total of 176 people.
If considering coming to Boquete, we’re in the mountains at ~3900 ft (1190 m). Temperatures are ~75F (34C) during the day, 65F (18C) at night.
Boquete is not a town or city – it’s a district (distrito), comparable to a US county, encompassing several towns (pueblos), townships (corrigiementos) and neighborhoods (barrios). We hike the entire district.
Below are some graphs showing significant data for Take-A-Hike Boquete since 2014.

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